Shared Tower builds strategic fibre assets that connect our Towers and OSP (Outside Plant) Shelters to mid-haul or long-haul networks. We facilitate cost-efficient bandwidth availability and support the rapid densification of our clients’ wireless networks.

Shared Tower’s fibre assets are purpose-built for a neutral-host service delivery model to connect a diverse range of wireline networks to our sites and their neighbouring communities.

Our colocation tenants can purchase lit fibre services from transport wireline vendors without bearing the upfront capital cost for construction or relying exclusively on dark fibre assets for backhaul connectivity.

Customers can leverage our fibre assets to deliver services beyond the tower to end-customers or connect neighbouring radio sites using our infrastructure for last-mile access.

Communication towers

Each of our OSP shelters contains at least one wireline transport service providers, so our customers can purchase lit services from our partners without the capital cost of a dark fibre build.

Shared Tower dark fibre enables a variety of connectivity options including lit fibre services at tower sites as well as last-mile connectivity to neighbouring locations (e.g., Services include EPL, EVPL, EoMPLS, Wavelengths).

Mid-haul connectivity is delivered to entrance vaults outside of OSP Shelters which then terminate inside on our meet me room panels for easier cross-connects and service activation.

Customer cage area two-post racks or secure public-area server racks are pre-provisioned with Structured cabling panels and fibre connectivity that terminate in the MMR panel area.

All interconnectivity is facilitated via grey-light cross-connects.